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We offer a full range of decorating services, from interior & exterior painting works on new and existing builds, wallpapers & lining's, right down to fencing/shed treatments etc.  If it's a new stud wall that you are after, or even just a repair then we can do that too.


The flooring in your home has endless possibilities.  There are simply thousands of products available from laminates, engineered wood, hardwood, cushion vinyl's, carpet's and both carpet tiles or ceramics.  All of these options are tailored to you and whatever it is you are after, we can help.  

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After a hard day at work all you want to do is relax in a hot bath.  So what better than that new bathroom suite that you have looking at for so long?  A full bathroom re-vamp, right down to the walls and floors?  It would be our pleasure.



There is so much that you can achieve in your garden.  Your imagination is the only barrier.  We offer a full garden design service and if it's fencing or a full landscape that you are after, we can help.  We can even just keep it simple and cut your grass and provide ongoing maintenance.

We offer a full tiling service to compliment your choice of décor.  Whether it's bathroom's, toilet's, kitchen's, floor's or wall's, we aim to provide you with the finish that you can admire and cherish.



Without doubt the most utilised place in your home and one of the most costly to replace.  There are many alternatives to the state of the art kitchen and you can achieve a similar modern style at a fraction of the cost.  A design and build service is available or you are more than welcome to have your kitchen designed for you and we can provide the installation. 


Not everybody enjoys working with timber and often the best intentions become tedious.  If it's a repair you are after or maybe putting together all your new flat pack furniture then it will not be a problem.  If it's more technical and you would like to replace all of your internal doors, then give us a call.

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- Affordability
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- Efficient
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